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3 Courses to offer knowledge of 3 different Elements of Trading. 

Courses that will help you to acquire complete knowledge right from chart reading, and trend analysis to complex concepts of options & their strategies. Through recorded content get this knowledge as per your time & speed.

Course Language: Hindi, Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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What you will learn in these Courses

Advanced Options Trading

  • All Basics of Options
  • Options Pricing & Time Decay
  • Options Buying - Right Approach
  • Advance Concepts of Options Trading
  • Option Pricing Fundamentals
  • Options Greeks 
  • Concept of Open Interest 
  • Defining Target for Returns
  • Plain Options Selling Strategy
  • 23 Option Hedge Strategies
  • Customization of Strategies
  • Guidelines to Select the right strategy
  • Analysing Payoff Charts
  • Strike Price selection for each strategy
  • Use of Sensibull for strategy creation & analysis

Advanced Price Action Trading

  • What is Price Action Trading 
  • Market Structure 
  • Stages of Market
  • How to Define Trend
  • Types of Moves in Market
  • Strength of Trend
  • Candlesticks
  • Support Resistance
  • Risk Reward, Winning Ratio, Position Sizing
  • Types of Trading
  • Powerful Chart Patterns
  • Breakout Trading Concept & Setup
  • Supply Demand Concept
  • Reversal Trading Concept  & Setup
  • Multi-Time Frame Analysis
  • Stock Selection & Watch List Preparation
  • Volume Logic
  • Identifying Fake Breakout
  • Secret Concepts

Options Chain Analysis for Nifty BankNifty

  • Introduction of Option Chain
  • Concept of Open Interest
  • Concept of Time & Intrinsic Value
  • Technique to read Option Chain Data
  • Understand smart money positions.
  • Strategy to correlate Option chain data with Intraday Trend
  • To predict trends is Bullish, Bearish or Sideways
  • How to Predict the Strength of the trend
  • To trade in the direction of Trend
  • Free Excel Dashboard for Live option chain data presented in graphical format.

Course Fee - ₹27000/- ₹3300/- ₹1999/-

Limited Period Offer

Learn the Complete process of Trading right from chart reading to complex option strategies


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