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Building Future-strong Organisations

Increasing uncertainty, global complexity, and the rapidly changing business dynamics have narrowed the competitive landscape for organizations and widened the leadership gap. Building resilient organizations that are adept at winning without compromising their values have become a new business imperative. What differentiates successful organizations from the rest is their ability to be more strategic in planning towards their leadership and talent needs. For over 20 plus years, Consenrich consulting has been assisting clients to define their leadership strategy and culture that are aligned to their vision and organizational strategy. We then help to improve the leadership effectiveness required to translate their strategic goals into sustainable performance.

Who Is Leadership Consulting For?

Enabling Transformational Leadership

  • Leadership Strategy & Strategic Alignment
  • Senior Team Alignment

Ensuring Succession Planning to risk mitigate the Business

  • Leadership Audit And Talent Review
  • High Potential Identification & Management
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Executive Coaching

Optimizing Leadership Performance

  • Competency Modelling
  • Organization Structure And Design
  • Performance Management System
  • Culture Alignment

Who Is Leadership Consulting For?

  • Fortune 500 Companies
    • Changing business dynamics force even well-established businesses to take a look at their talent pool and rethink their corporate strategies for strong growth and performance
  • Large Organizations
    • Large firms that want to become more agile and effectively maximize the ROI of their leadership strategies that deliver successful performance and pipeline for the future.
  • Medium Enterprises
    • Businesses looking to merge and align their ad-hoc leadership models, practices and solutions.
  • Small Companies
    • Aiming to define their identity, their leadership philosophy, and their leadership structures.

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