Order Flow Analysis

Learn to trade markets using Order Flow Analysis, Take a major step towards becoming a profitable trader.

What is Order Flow

  • Order Flow Analysis is the method that uses the volume of buyers and sellers at each price level and specific time interval.

  • These volumes are plotted over a chart in the form of a footprint.

  • These footprints and Bar statistics can be used to understand who is in control buyer or seller.

Order flow is a powerful tool used by traders for making trading decisions. It can be used on Stocks, Index (Nifty, BankNifty), Commodities, and Currency futures.

Stock Insight is providing you detailed course on Order Flow Analysis. Through recorded videos, you can learn basic and advanced concepts of Order Flow and also trading setups which can be directly implemented in Day trading and Swing trading.

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Course Language: Hindi, 

Level: Intermediate to Advance

What you will learn in this Course

This course aims to provide precise and useful information to trade using Order Flow Analysis

 What is Order Flow
 Basic & Advance Concepts of Order Flow
 Trading Setups using Order Flow
 How to find real & fake breakouts & breakdowns.
 How to find rally moves in the market
 How to do scalping using Order Flow
Setting target & stop-loss using order flow
 How to combine Order flow with Price Action
Which Website to use for analysis

Why Order Flow Analysis.?

Finding Strong Trend
Order Flow helps in finding strength of the trend (Strong or Weak)

Finding Trend Reversal
Trend reversal can be analysed.

Timing Entry & Exits
using Order flow we can time our entry and exits in the trade.

Profitability Increase
Order flow helps us to increase profitability.

Get Unlimited Acess just @ ₹995/-

Learn This Amazing method and trade in Nifty, Banknifty, Stocks, Commodities, and Currencies to make a profit.